“Distance” Video Premiere Coming Soon

Hey guys,

So I just finished up editing our music video for our third single “Distance”. If you don’t know the story already, here’s a quick rundown:

Last month we toured around the country and a couple dates in Canada (yay Canada!). At every show we asked volunteers to grab the camera and put their own artistic spin on filming our live performance of “Distance”. We had a great response and we were so happy to be able to include our new friends and fans in on the making of this video. “Distance” is a personal favorite of mine to play live so it was awesome to put these performances into the video. Plus, what kind of heroic, video-making superstar fans do we have?! You guys made us look awesome:)IMG_4611

Anyway, here is a screen shot from the video. We will be releasing it online very soon so watch out for it on our social media pages. We love you guys!

Take care,