” A very successful female duo that comes to mind is Tegan & Sara, and honestly with the right promotion and someone backing Lion’s Mouth, they could go just as far – all of the elements for success are present with this duo.” – Wendy Redden, theRevue.ca

“Lion’s Mouth hits it hard and heavy. This duo act is on fire. If you get a chance to hear this outfit. I highly recommend them.” – Ari John White, Red Dragon TV.

The women of Lion’s Mouth are as fearless as the music they create. Singer and guitarist Chelsea Z. has a past full of dangerous hobbies which include training as a volunteer firefighter to playing ice hockey. Percussionist Sara Wexler is a double-edged sword having studied both Tae Kwon Do and drums since she was in elementary school. With all of that energy harnessed in their songs, it is hard not to take notice. Lion’s Mouth produces headstrong indie-pop that is not content with being background music.

Lion’s Mouth has the rare ability to surprise their audience. As a duo, they pump out more sound and heart than your average four piece band. Armed with a litany of musical influences, their songs are highly emotive, unabashedly honest, and full of gutsy musical transitions. Chelsea and Sara place an emphasis on honesty with introspective lyrics that sway from hope and grief to perseverance and doubt.

Their instrumental style is distinctly expressive. Even when stripped of words, Lion’s Mouth creates music that feels relatable. Swift, driving beats burst from Sara’s sticks hitting you like a well-timed punch. As you lie breathless on the floor, Chelsea’s “amazingly sweet voice” (105.5 TripleM) and “five-piece orchestra” (Music Without Boundaries) guitar work pull you back up to your feet. These dynamic styles combine to create forceful, two-fisted confessions.

Since forming in 2012, Lion’s Mouth has racked up an impressive list of venues and festival slots including the Bubble Music Festival, two appearances at PrideFest Milwaukee, a Red Dragon Television special, two appearances at the MidWest Acoustic Music Festival, Paperfest, and a Live @ WSUM radio session (WSUM 91.7FM). Their commanding stage presence and humorous banter has won the hearts of rockers and hipsters alike.

After selling everything that couldn’t fit in a van and moving from Madison, WI to Los Angeles, they will release their debut, self-titled album, Lion’s Mouth. In between festivals and shows across the Midwest, Chelsea and Sara recorded a full length studio album with Producer Mathew Prock at Area 44 Music in Chicago, IL. The self-titled release features 12 songs written and performed by the band. Lion’s Mouth has been called “daring” (WordKrapht.com) and a tightly knitted symphony between drums, guitar and vocals” (Maximum Ink Magazine).

When they are not playing music, Sara and Chelsea like walking, climbing trees, and eating tofu-cream cheese bagels.

Stage Highlights:

RAWArtists Los Angeles Showcase: AXIS 2014, Los Globos • Paperfest 2014 • PrideFest Milwaukee 2014 • Majestic Live Presents: You Won’t Support 2013 • RAW Artist of the Year (Nominated 2013) • Red Dragon TV 2013 • Bubble Music Festival 2013 • PrideFest Milwaukee 2013 • RAWArtists Madison Showcase: DISCOVERY 2013, High Noon Saloon • Midwest Acoustic Music Festival 2012